Friday, 4 December 2015

Veni, Vidi, Vici Rome!

Booking a spontaneous trip to Rome with my girls was one of the best decisions I've made in 2015! We went for two nights and three days and took full advantage of what this classical city had to offer us. From the moment we stepped into rome, was purely sightseeing, eating gelato, pizza, pasta and drinking wine!

On the first day, it was already night time so what other better way than explore Rome at night. We had a lovely dinner at Piazza Navona, and with such peace, serenity and no crowd! we saw The Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain and Capitoline Hill. 

The second and third day, we tried to cram everything in and sight see! The Vatican was breathtaking but I do advise that you do that first thing in the morning, or else cues are ridiculous. The Colosseum was beautiful and luckily it is right next to The Roman Forum and Palantine Hill which both have lush views of the city. But the most amazing view yet was from Lo Zodiaco, was a hilarious journey to get there and back, but was worth every second for that whole view of Rome! the best time to see it is at sunset.  

And if you are ever near the Spanish steps, the best pizza and wine is right round the corner. It's called Antica Enoteca Via Della Croce, the seating outside finalises that Italian experience.

Ciao Bella!



Friday, 11 September 2015

Preppy in Hampstead

Happy Friday Lovelies! 

One of the most refreshing feeling is waking up to nice weather on a September morning. And my intentions are to take full advantage of this rare warmth, and make the most of it before I go back to university in a weeks time! 

I always get excited about starting a new academic year, feel like everything has to be fresh and new, from outfits to stationary, it really does motivate you to go in every day and use your new stationary and outfits, just makes it more fun! As most of you are back to school, college or university. I thought I would show you this comfy, playful, preppy number that is still perfect for this September weather and appropriate for school! I mean, who says you can't be stylish and cute for school .... 

What I Wore 

Denim Jacket - H&M 
Top - H&M 
Skirt - River Island 
Shoes - River Island 
Hat - Cute little shop in Barcelona, but Asos sells some nice ones too! 

Love Angee 


Monday, 7 September 2015

Great Lengths Experience

Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Today I had the pleasure to get extensions done at 'Great Lengths' came across them today at the bloggers London fashion week event. They really caught my eye with all the lovely hair colours they had for the extensions, soon as I saw them I thought I have to try them out they just look too cool!! One thing I love about them is that their worker's are so informative, friendly and easy going, which gave me more of a reason to trust them with my hair. 

I chose a more subtle tone for work purposes even though I wanted to go pink so badly! She started off by adding three pieces into each side of my hair, then styling it into curls so the caramel colours would blend nicely, the end effect was so lush. Also their extensions did not feel harsh or rusty like other ones tend to feel, these extensions contain a special type of Indian hair that are much more softer, smooth and easier to style, also can last up to 12 weeks, without having to clip them on and off (which I find that absolutely annoying and tangling). I'll add the link below so you can check out their salons and the different colours they have to offer. 

(Final Look) 

Love Angee 


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Back to Reality ft Chulo

Stepping back to London and realising you are back to reality when you need to wear a jacket. This Gap vintage denim jacket from Blitz secured me on my first day back in London... Especially when you are taking the dogs out for a walk! This adorable little one is called Chulo, belongs to a friend of my sister who needed us to take care of him for while. I personally love dogs and it was a pleasure to spend time with this bundle of joy as well as great company for my Dante!! 

I combined this vintage jacket with black jeans of course and my funky leopard converse to give this attire a trendy look. To complete this outfit I added this stunning embroided crop top from Abercrombie, which adds a girly touch! Although this top is from January, Abercrombie is always bringing out similar styles to this top every season. 

One little fact about me, is that I LOVE converse and have always collected them, especially the ones that have more of an edgy look and that are different from the more simple plain colour ones. I feel like they are such an amazing statement trainer to have in your shoe collection! (One day I'll make a post of my converse collection). 

What I Wore

Denim Jacket - Blitz ( Vintage Shop in Brick Lane, they also do student discount) 
Top - Abercrombie 
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - Converse

Love Angee 

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Last Evening

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! 
Writing from a rainy day in London, after yesterday's hot weather... Somehow this rain is soothing and relaxing especially when you are inside all wrapped up, it really does compliment this Sunday. 

Today I'm going to share with you my last evening in Barcelona and the end of the Barcelona diary. We really wrapped up this amazing vacation with more exploring of this beautiful city. Walking down las ramblas there is a section where you can get drawn as a funny character or even a self portrait, we couldn't leave Barcelona without taking this funny memory back home with us, so we got one done and it looked superb!!! As we carried on exploring and getting carried away with wherever our feet could take us, we ended up in this cool burger shack called 'Makamaka' and what better to compliment the burger with a glass of sangria eyyyy ;) .... 

For this last evening, I kept it sophisticated and sweet, wearing a white jersey Skort with a smart baby pink cami, to enhance my tan and make the outfit more smart. Sorry about the uncontrollable hair was hard to maintain, still in search for that one hair product that can leave my curls silky and bouncy. 

What I wore 

Top - River Island (ranges in all colours) 
Skort - Abercrombie and Fitch

Love Angee 


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Camp Nou & L'Aquarium


Sorry I haven't posted anything recently, it's been a hectic week.... But I've been working on some new outfits that I am excited to show you in the upcoming posts! Firstly, I would like to congratulate everyone that got into university and is starting this September, hard work really does pay off. And secondly, I hope everyone is still enjoying their summer holidays. 

Continuing on from my vacation in the beautiful city of Barcelona! On the fourth day we payed a visit to the Barcelona Stadium Camp Nou, if you go it is definitely a site to visit even if you aren't that into football, it is a spectacular stadium and definitely one of the biggest ones I've been to! We took a tour around the whole stadium, passing the trophy rooms, where the players get changed, to standing on the pitch and where the footballers sit to watch the game. The stadium has a great atmosphere even when there isn't a game on! During the tour there are sections where you can have a picture taken with one of the players (they players aren't actually there) but you stand on the green background and you pick what player you want to have a picture with and then at the end of the tour you collect and choose which picture you want to purchase, it is worth buying this memory I sure did! 

After, the Camp Nou experience, we took the metro which is so cool! I personally think it's better than the London Underground, simply because it has vending machines, air con and the tickets are much  cheaper! We headed over to Port Vell to visit the underwater aquarium, was a fun experience you would stand on a moving surface, whilst it went under a tunnel, then you will see sharks above you and all the other different fishes! Was pretty awesome :). Then to finish off the hectic day we ate lunch over looking the pier and enjoyed some lovely tapas at a restaurant called Tapa Tapa. 

What I Wore

Top - Abercrombie 
Shorts - Gilly Hicks 
Sandals - Abercrombie 
Glasses - Raybans 

Love Angee 

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Barcelona Dia 3!

The weather in London just keeps on getting more miserable! You can feel the humidity but there would be no sun, just to remind you that you are still in London and that the sun doesn't shine much here! 

Still have the holiday blues :( not sure for how much longer ... Which brings me to day 3 in Barcelona! This day is definitely different to all the other days, we decided to spend our day in this cool water park called 'Illa Fantasia' which translates to fantasy island, from the minute we arrived there we were just ready to go on any water ride, lucky for us the weather was just perfect for it. We spent the whole day there from 10am to 4:30pm. By the time we got back to the hotel we were so shattered and tired, but there was still so much of the day left! So we headed back to La Boqueria market got some food (honestly the food there is just mouth watering) then made our way to Jaume which is the gothic area of Barcelona, you will find a lot of hidden treasures there, like museums and beautiful churches, also there are squares of amazing restaurants where you can sit outside and enjoy tapas with sangria, which is what we done until it decided to rain on us!! 


What I Wore 

Play suit - Topshop 
Co-ord - Abercrombie & Fitch 
Sandals - Abercrombie Kids 
Bag - Chanel 
Hat - haggled from a shop in Barcelona ;) 

Love Angee 

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Barcelona número dos!

Hi lovelies! 

Is everyone having a nice Monday so far!? I sure am, today I'm going to go Hampstead for the famous crepes, they are absolutely delicious. But before I head off I'm going to share anther part with you of my Barcelona trip! 

On the second day of our stay in this artistic city! We decided to be proper tourists and see the main attractions. We started off our day with a lovely breakfast and heading to get tickets to see the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia ( tip! It's cheaper and better to book in advance), when we got there they told us our entry was at 4:30! So we have around 7 hours to spare. Luckily, we booked with our hotel the city bus tour which the bus stop was right outside the cathedral! We headed to park guell, where we enjoyed an amazing watermelon nestle ice cream, walks around the amazing park full of absolute art and beauty, went inside Gaudi's home which is inside the park, and finally got tickets and went inside the main area that is absolutely lush and mind blowing!! You can see the whole of Barcelona it was an incredible view. After staying a couple of hours in park guell, we still had loads of time to kill before heading to the Cathedral, so we decided to have lunch at the famous market called La Boqueria, had the BEST fresh juices, food, sweets and lush restaurants inside, we definitely took advantage of those! Can you believe the fresh juices were just €1, we couldn't get enough of them!

Finally, our last stop was La Sagrada Familia, it truly is gobsmacking and undiscribable. The detail of the church both interior and exterior was stunning, it's still not finished but I believe that's what makes it beautiful! 

Here are some pictures x

What I Wore 

Dress - Abercrombie Kids 
Shoes - Asos 
Bag - Chanel 

Love Angee 


Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Pop of Coral


Soo..... As most of you know I've been away on a vacation to the beautiful city of Barcelona! I definitely have the holiday blues and wish I was still there :( it's the perfect city, has both beach and amazing shops, with culture, art and amazing architecture by the one and only Gaudi! If You haven't been, you need to go and book your ticket NOW! 

When I first arrived to this lush place, it was already 28 degrees and my hotel was right next to the beach, so thought why not, it's the afternoon let's take a walk along the beach and do some exploring. I wanted to feel comfortable, relaxed and beach ready, so I put on my bikini and on top this bright, fluorescent, coral off the shoulder ruffle blouse, it was very loose and airy perfect for the hot weather (you didn't want to wear anything tight because of the humidity). Then for bottoms, my vintage Levi's shorts from a vintage shop called Blitz to complete the beach look with a pair of leather flip flops. 

What I Wore 

Top - Miss Selfridge ( now on sale) 
Shorts - Levi's ( from the shop Blitz in Brick Lane) 
Shoes - Abercrombie 

Love Angee 

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