Monday, 21 November 2016

Let's Mix It Up

Having a shopping addictive personality it is not always beneficial to my purse and I don't always have the time to look for my perfect outfit. Mix'n'Matching is the survival key for every new season trend. It's about buying items that are suitable for every season and never go out of style. 

In this post I will share with you my mix 'n' matching secrets, alongside an outfit I put together using this technique.

My first tip, when shopping and looking for seasonal items make sure they are clean cut, statement and relevant, I go by these three points like it's my shopping bible. For example, this all year round powder pink, button up skirt has been in trend for two years now and it hasn't failed to come out and play in stores every season. The skirt isn't a bright, bold colour nor too sweet and pastel, it's a perfect blush that will go with every season and a pink thats acceptable to wear with black tights. 

Second Tip - There are non-basic colours that you can implement into every season. I tend to buy forest green, powder pink, camel, beige and candy red to match my every seasons colour palette. 

I teamed up the skirt with a striped turtleneck that I bought in march (Its in my pay day wish list post)  I love the combination of the stripes and colours, it creates a smooth transition from autumn to winter.  Turtlenecks are always my go-to cold season tops, you just can't go wrong!

Lastly, my third tip - When the top and bottom parts of your outfit has the wowza effect, sometimes adding a simple pair of shoes and coat is always the ideal instrument to a statement look.  

I hope my tips are helpful for this season and all year round! Particulary in this busy christmas period.... HAPPY MIX 'N' MATCHING!

See you in next weeks post!
Angee Garcia 

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