Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Style Hub

Did I hear you say makeup, blowdries, cocktails, live music and shopping!? Yes that's right i said it, all of these mashed together in one lavish place called "The Library" in Leicester Square, the heart of London, how fab can it get.

Who wouldn't want to be involved in one of the top shopping events of this festive season. I certainly do! The Style Hub was the ultimate go-to event, ranging from divine stocking filler's chokers from La Nuit. To making sure you are in tip top shape for the new year's with Slendertox tea. The Style Hub has got all of us chicas covered.

One of my weaknesses, has to be candles i'm a complete sucker for them. Also i genuinely think they make very nice christmas presents ... I mean who doesn't want a lush smell brightening up their home? & Thanks to 40 Degree, I'm making someone very happy this christmas. 

Couldn't of had a more fun christmas shopping experience. Performances by the talented Bluey Robinson, sipping a cocktail whilst choosing a party dress from Lemon not Lime. And I wish I didn't do my hair before the event, because the blowdries from The Bardou were definitely on fleek! 

So keep an eye out chicas for their next shopping event's in the new year by following their Instagram @Thestylehublondon. If I were you I wouldn't miss it!

See you in next weeks post!

Angee Garcia 

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