Monday, 24 April 2017

Pearly Whites

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all been well since my last post on the blog. Been working on some new projects that I am excited to be sharing with you soon!

As you all know I practically live in denim, from mom jeans to super skinny. But recently Mom jeans definitely have my heart, they are super flattering and make your ass look so peachy hehe (will highly recommend Topshop they are the best). 

Let's be honest, we all go shopping, see a piece of clothing pick it up look the at price, and think jheeszz that's abit overpriced for this (my life story) Naturally we love a bargain, so I waited patiently for the mid season sales. Had my eye on these jeans for ages, they are so unique, girly and make your outfit effortlessly statement. Decided to wear them with trainers, a simple tee and a neck scarf to give it that extra little edge and that nearly summer feeling. However, it will look totally cute with a bardot crop top and heeled sandals for the summer. 

I predict the neck scarf will be the 'It' accesory of this spring/summer season. It's a very lovely touch to any outfit, you can wrap it round your hair and feel like you are in 1950's Capri, or rock it like an American 90's kid and wrap it round your neck. Up to you, what do you think?

Outfit Details 

Mom Jeans ( Check out their statement collection) - Topshop HERE

Tee - Abercrombie HERE

Neck Scarf - Abercrombie HERE

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Love Angee 

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