Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Top 10 Sale Hacks

Let's face it, how is it possible to walk away from the big, bold, red sign with the white capitalised word that says "SALE" on it.  From the moment I wake up and my inbox is crying for me look at it full of those delicious emails, how can I not take a bite? ..... However, we don't all want to lose our  money all at once do we? I pride myself with being a bargain hunter, therefore I'm going to give you an inside on some tips on how to approach a sale.

Numero Uno: STAY CALM - No literally, we tend to pick up everything we see and rush, sometimes we don't end up seeing everything, and will miss out on a good sale. Take your time. do not rush. 

Numero Dos: Don't buy everything on the first day of sales, the price will always reduce, wait three/ five days into the sales.

Numero Tres: Look both online and in-store for the same shop, for example, zara their sale online will sometimes have items that are either sold out in store or are online exclusives.

Numero Cuatro: Go first thing in the morning! Everything is fresh, tidy, you can take your time before everything gets messy.

Numero Cinco: Do not 'panic buy' because everything is on promotion. Ask yourself these questions, do you really need it? Are you going to get much wear out of it? When are you going to wear it?

Numero Seis: Sometimes it's nice to go shopping with a friend, it helps having someone to remind you of that one item you came into the store for.

Numero Siete: To save you over spending, think about what you need and what you are looking to buy before going in to a shop.

Numero Ocho: Don't feel disappointed if you left with nothing, because it's better to buy something you ADORE rather than an item that was cheap.

Numero Nueve: Wear a backpack or a small cross body bag with the necessities only, phone, lip balm and purse! It's important to be hands-free when sale shopping, you don't want to be carrying heavy shoulder bags with you, they will only just weigh you down!

And Finally ........

Numero Dies: Take it easy and have fun!

What's your sale hacks? 

Love Angee 

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Photo credits to Mark Castillo - Instagram: @markcastillophotography


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